Charm Tree
Exalted: Solar
Name: Fire and Stones Strike
Cost: 1 mote per health level
Type: Supplemental
Duration: Instant
Minimum Melee: 3
Minimum :
Minimum Essence: 1
Prerequisite Charms: Hungry Tiger Technique
Description: The character focuses her Essence into her weapons and swings a terrible blow against her opponents. If the blow is successful, for every mote of Essence she spent activating the Charm, one of the damage dice will not be rolled. It will, instead, be an automatic success. It does not add to the damage of the attack, it merely takes what would normally be dice rolled for damage and converts them to automatic successes. This is a wager - if you do less dice of damage than you paid the conversion cost on, you have wasted the Essence. Obviously, if you can hit them at all while using this Charm, you will generally do at least your Essence in Health Levels of damage, since all successful attacks to a minimum of the attacking character's Essence. Characters cannot spend more Essence activating Fire and Stones Strike than they have dots of Strength. Note that the Essence cost of Fire and Stones Strike must be spent before the attack roll. If a non-orichalcum weapon is used to do more automatic damage successes than its damage rating, it will probably break.