Charm Tree
Exalted: Solar
Name: Hundred Hungry Blades Meditation
Cost: 10 motes
Type: Independent Action
Duration: Instant
Minimum Melee: 5
Minimum :
Minimum Essence: 5
Prerequisite Charms: Perfected Warrior Discipline
Description: The character's blade moves with a speed and finesse that outstrips even the imagination of mortals; any who witness him act are left with only the faintest impression of steel cutting through the air. During the turn this Charm is activated, the Exalted may make a total number of Independent Actions equal to one-half his Melee score, rounded up. All Simple Charms used with these Independent Actions must use the Melee ability; any attacks made with these actions must also use the Melee ability, although they may freely be used for defensive actions.