Charm Tree
Exalted: Solar
Name: Sun-and-Moon Method
Cost: 2 motes
Type: Extra Action
Duration: One Turn
Minimum Melee: 3
Minimum :
Minimum Essence: 2
Prerequisite Charms: Dual Slaying Stance
Description: Through harmony with the Essence flows, a character holding a weapon in each hand can strike once with each weapon without penalties for off-hand use or multiple actions. In a single turn, the character can make two parries, two attacks or one attack and one parry without any penalties for multiple actions. However, a character cannot split his dice pool when using this Charm, and the character's parry is a normal single attempt parry unless the Exalt is also using Two Swords Technique. In order to use this Charm, the character must have weapons in both hands. This Charm may explicitly be placed in a Combo despite its non-Instant duration. This Charm may be activated reflexively but Combos as if it were of the Extra Actions type.